High Density Shelving is known by many names; Mobile Shelving, Rolling Files, Compact Shelving. Whatever you call it, the concept's the same. By mounting the shelves on moveable carriages you eliminate the need for aisles, freeing-up valuable space. At lowespace we proudly supply quality products by Datum. In addition to standard mobile systems, there are a number of different products that you can view on our site. Check out the video directly below to find out why Datum has been the leader in storage solutions for over 45 years!


MobileTrak3 is a mobilized maximum storage capacity solution for challenging spaces in the office, warehouse, business, home or athletic facility.


Featuring Datum’s state-of-the-art mobile tracksystem, MobileTrak3’s durable low-profile design allows for maximum space savings in storage areas featuring constraints such as low ceilings, obstructions or sprinkler systems.

We offer both non-grout, grouted and recessed tracking solutions to fit the needs of your space and current flooring. Datum has the tracking system to fit your needs.

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MobileTrak5 is a mobilized maximum storage capacity solution for warehouse, healthcare, archival, athletic or business use. The MobileTrak5® system can accommodate all of Datum’s shelving solutions including 4Post, Argos weapons cabinets, and our stackable shelving solutions. No matter if you have Datum storage and filing systems, or another manufacturer's products, the MobileTrak5 system can be configured to accommodate your current shelving.

We offer non grouted tracks that can be relocated and re-leveled, grouted tracks that can be recessed as well as seismic tracks to fit your space and current flooring conditions.

The MobileTrak5 Hybrid system features an enclosed drive mechanism and an external adjustable chain tensioner which eliminates the need to remove end panels for adjustments, while aisle locks prevent movement of carriages while in use.

Engineered with solid steel drive shafts and heavy duty carriage construction, MobileTrak5’s full length high density storage solutions are guaranteed to handle any need for years of daily use.

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TrakSlider (BiSlider system shown)

TrakSlider features state-of-the-art versatile sliding storage shelve solutions for institutional, warehouse, healthcare, athletic and office use. Our efficient and customizable sliding storage solution is engineered with all-welded steel frame and rail assemblies, flush decking, lateral rolling carriages, and overhead stabilizer and roller assemblies. Highly customizable, TrakSlider sliding storage shelves reduce the need for additional floor space by eliminating the need for aisle access while increasing efficiency.

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Ez2 Rotary Action File

Ez2 Rotary Action File

Ez2 Rotary Action File is a highly efficient, double-sided rotary storage solution for institutional, healthcare, education and office use.

Engineered to organize legal size and letter size files while maintaining security and HIPPA-compliance, Ez2 Rotary Action File’s highly customizable design allows storage of files, binders, office supplies and more. Additionally units can be used for industrial and weapons storage.

This space saving design is engineered to spin 360 degrees to increase efficiency and accessibility. Its double-sided design provides access from both sides allowing units to be used as room dividers.

Available in two to eight shelf openings, the system does not require a foot pedal making units easier to use, reduces floor space and eliminates tripping hazards. To keep your business efficient, the Ez2 comes fully assembled so it's ready to use right when you get it.

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ArtStor is a unique high density artwork shelving and storage solution for educational, museum, or gallery art archival storage.

Featuring a state-of-the-art mobile track system, our ArtStor shelving solution reduces floor space by 50%, by elminating multiple aisles through the movable aisle application and increasing efficiency.

Heavy duty carriage frames and support bars are engineered with cold rolled steel and designed to withstand any size framed and unmounted art and prevent frames from swaying, eliminating jostling of framed pieces while carriages are in motion. Bumpers on framework ensure artwork stays protected when carriages are stacked together.

Carriages are available in depths of 18” to 22” and lengths from 36” to 240”. Choose from 60” to 120” high screen size.

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